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    "display_name": "Yae Aihara",
    "bio": "Nisei female. Born August 18, 1925 in Tacoma, Washington. Raised in Seattle, Washington, where family operated a grocery store. Attended Washington Grammar School and Garfield High School in Seattle. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, father was arrested by the FBI and sent to Missoula internment camp, Montana. Family was removed to Puyallup Assembly Center, Washington, and Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. In 1943, father decided to repatriate to Japan. The family was transported to Ellis Island detention station to reunite with father and board a repatriation ship, the SS Gripsholm. Transferred to Crystal City internment camp, Texas, after being denied entry on SS Gripsholm. Remained in Crystal City for duration of the war. Resettled to Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1946.",
    "created": "2016-12-14T11:15:15",
    "modified": "2016-12-14T11:15:15",
    "nr_id": "88922/nr006sp6f",
    "b_date": "1925-08-18T00:00:00",
    "d_date": "2023-02-11T00:00:00",
    "last_name": "Aihara",
    "first_name": "Yae",
    "middle_name": "Kanogawa",
    "nickname": "",
    "gender": "F",
    "generation": "Nisei",
    "ethnicity": "Japanese",
    "nationality": "US",
    "religion": "Buddhist",
    "birth_location": "Tacoma, Washington",
    "has_published": "1"