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    "display_name": "Walt Woodward",
    "bio": "White male. Born February 25, 1910, in Seattle, Washington. Co-publisher (with his wife Milly) and editor of the newspaper, The Bainbridge Review, from 1935-1963. During World War II, The Bainbridge Review was the sole newspaper on the West Coast to continuously speak out against the mass removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans, primarily through Woodward's editorials. He also published a weekly article about life in camp written by various Bainbridge Islanders incarcerated at Manzanar and Minidoka concentration camps, allowing the Japanese Americans to continue to have a voice in the Bainbridge Island community. In 1998 was honored by his newspapering peers with the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Freedom's Light award in recognition of unwavering practice of the First Amendment.",
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    "b_date": "1910-02-25T00:00:00",
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    "last_name": "Woodward",
    "first_name": "Walt",
    "middle_name": "",
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    "gender": "M",
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    "ethnicity": "White",
    "nationality": "US",
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    "birth_location": "Seattle, Washington",
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