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    "title": "In Memory of Elaine Akagi Interview",
    "description": "In this session, Elaine Kim led a panel of Elaine Reiko Akagi's friends (Ann Fujii Lindwall, Arlene Oki, Karen Yoshitomi, and Bill Tashima) in a remembrance conversation on Akagi. Elaine Reiko Akagi devoted her life to JACL, teaching children with special education needs, and a love of animals She was active in the Detroit Jr. JACL in the early 1960's and led the Detroit Chapter to action during the Vincent Chin murder in Detroit. After moving to Seattle in the 1990's, Akagi became Chapter President in 1996. Akagi was one of the Chapter leaders in initiating Teacher workshops to instruct teachers methods teach the lessons of the JA WWII in the classroom and to instill critical thinking in students to apply these lessons to current day issues. Akagi endowed a Chapter scholarship with a primary purpose of encouraging students of color to go into the field of special education. Akagi was a firm believer that children's education is enhanced when the teachers look like them.",
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