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    "title": "Joy Misako St. Germain Interview",
    "description": "Ana Tanaka and Dr. Kyle Kinoshita led a conversation with Joy Misako St. Germain, detailing how she became involved with JACL and became a Seattle leader. Being one of just a few Japanese American families where she grew up, she felt a deep longing for a sense of community. Her love for Japanese American culture is one of the main factors that led to her moving to the Pacific Northwest. Joy was welcomed into the Seattle Chapter, and quickly became active. Chapter members were very encouraging, and soon she was active in the issues that JACL was engaged in during the 1990's. A clear leader who cared about the organization and was committed to their mission statement, she became chapter president. Joy helped establish many of the organizational structures that helped the Seattle Chapter sustain itself into a new century. Joy is optimistic about the newer generation of JACL activists and the work the organization has done to engage the younger generation. With the renewed focus of allyship with other communities and organizations, she feels as though everyone--the younger and older generations--can learn from each other as the JACL continues its work.",
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