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    "title": "Stan Shikuma Interview",
    "description": "In this interview, Ana Tanaka and Dr. Kyle Kinoshita led a conversation with Stan Shikuma in which he related his family's experiences during the World War II incarceration, and the return to California. Stan related how growing up in the turbulent '60's and '70's began to impel him into activism in the Bay Area, beginning with AAPI issues on campuses. He described how his activism continued with he and his young family's move to Seattle. Stan first became involved in supporting the redress movement after attending the hearings of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment. Throughout the 2000's Stan has continued his strong activism in Tsuru for Solidarity, protesting the condition of the detainees along the southern border as well as the local detention center in Tacoma. Stan, in his role as Seattle JACL president, has helped the Seattle Chapter connect with these and other movements for social justice and peace.",
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