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    "title": "Theo Bickel Interview",
    "description": "Elaine Kim and Joy Misako St. Germain interviewed Theo Bickel. Theo's introduction to JACL was as an intern at the National JACL. At a JACL National Convention in Las Vegas, Bill Tashima invited Theo to work with and collaborate with the Seattle JACL Chapter. Theo's focus has been to strengthen communications among JACL members, executive JACL leadership and to encourage community engagement in the work on civil rights and social justice. Theo reflected on one of the most meaningful events for which he helped coordinate which was alongside the Puyallup Valley JACL chapter the 75th anniversary of the Puyallup assembly center, \"Camp Harmony,\" an event that reconnected different generations of Japanese Americans to the site of Camp Harmony where many individuals shared stories which helps with healing through the trauma that incarceration created within the fairground during WWII. Theo shared his thoughts about the importance of the JACL and activism in the fight for justice and eradicating hate created by prejudice. The Seattle JACL chapter serves as a strong platform for making genuine connections with authentic individuals who are committed to enacting social change for the Japanese American, BIPOC and immigrant communities. While many dear JACL friends and colleagues have passed, Theo expressed confidence that the future of the chapter can be transformative in ways that cannot be compared to the past.",
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