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    "title": "Janice Deguchi Interview",
    "description": "Alison Fujimoto and Joy St. Germain interviewed 1998 Chapter President, Janice Deguchi. During her tenure, third generation Sansei Deguchi was one of the youngest Chapter Presidents. Deguchi helped lead the Chapter in forming a coalition of PoC groups to fight an initiative that would bar Affirmative Action programs in Washington State. Although unsuccessful, Deguchi and other JACLers used this momentum to keep the coalition together in a revised APACE (Asian Pacific American Coalition for Equality) organization. Deguchi, along with Jill Beppu, oversaw the three-year project to install an art mural at the Pike Place Market to commemorate the JA farmers at the market who prior to WWII made up 2/3's of the stalls, but were never to return after the war.",
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