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    "title": "Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. 23, No. 3, March 1986",
    "description": "Newsletter covering the following topics: 1986 President, Bob Sato; Washington State Redress Bill passes 82-15 in House and 45-1 in the Senate. Allows Seattle School Board to disburse $5,000 to each of the 27 school clerks who resigned.  Rep Gary Locke  given credit along with Jim McDermott, Phil Talmadge, and George Fleming and JACLers Cherry  Kinoshita, Naomi Sanchez, and Becky Sasaki; Chapter Bios-May Sasaki; Seattle JACL organizes Candlelight DoR, 130 participants, where?; Chapter makes $1,600 from Installation Dinner.",
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    "creation": "Mar. 1986",
    "location": "Seattle, Washington",
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            "role": "Seattle Chapter, JACL"
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    "genre": "periodical",
    "format": "doc",
    "extent": "8.5W x 14H",
    "contributor": "Densho",
    "digitize_person": "Coon, Caitlin Oiye",
    "digitize_organization": "Densho",
    "digitize_date": "3/12/2021",
    "credit": "Courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter Records Collection, #0566",
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