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    "title": "Family Camp Applicant Now Interned at Santa Fe, New Mexico",
    "description": "Photocopy of a declassified memo on Keizaburo Koyama on his request to be reunited with his family in Minidoka, Idaho. Two initials are next to the option for \"Parole to WRA without rehearing\" option. On the bottom is written seven statements on Koyama including his occupation being a dentist, his memberships, his Army report, that he has no dual citizenship, and that he received many affidavits from Caucasians.",
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    "creation": "4/22/1943",
    "location": "Sante Fe, New Mexico",
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    "genre": "blank_form",
    "format": "doc",
    "extent": "1 photocopy: 8.50 W x 14 H",
    "contributor": "Japanese American Museum of Oregon; Portland, Oregon",
    "alternate_id": "Koyama114; 2016.23.114; NDD978084",
    "digitize_person": "Rodgers, James",
    "digitize_organization": "Japanese American Museum of Oregon",
    "digitize_date": "7/9/2018",
    "credit": "Courtesy of Dr. Keizaburo Koyama Family Collection, Japanese American Museum of Oregon",
    "rights": "cc",
    "topics": [
            "id": "527",
            "term": "World War II -- Family reunification"
    "persons": [
        "Koyama, Keizaburo",
        "War Relocation Authority",
        "Immigration and Naturalization Service",
        "Sokoku Kai"
    "facility": [
            "id": "8",
            "term": "Minidoka"
            "id": "27",
            "term": "Santa Fe"
    "geography": [
            "id": "502",
            "term": "New Mexico"
            "id": "491",
            "term": "Idaho"
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