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    "title": "Department of Justice Alien Enemy Hearing Board Report and Recommendation page 3 of 4",
    "description": "Photocopy of a declassified report detailing the reasoning behind the recommendation that Dr. Keizaburo Koyama be interned as an alien enemy. This page continues with the assessment of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber felt it was under FBI investigation in 1940 and someone there suggested they conduct their meetings in secret. The report states that Dr. Koyama took great interest in the organization and financially contributed more than required. Dr. Koyama adds that his dentist practice is one-half American, but he was reluctant to divulge his American acquaintances. Pertaining to his family, he said his son spent time at a Japanese language school, but no longer attends, but he is active with the Boy Scouts. Other than the Japanese Methodist Episcopal Church, the Oregon State Dental Society, and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Koyama belongs to no other organization. While Dr. Koyama made a good impression on the board, they felt he was not fully open with his answers.",
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    "creation": "February 12, 1942",
    "location": "Portland, Oregon",
    "creators": [
            "namepart": "Everson, William G.",
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            "namepart": "Clark, Alfred E.",
            "role": "author"
            "namepart": "Scott, Leslie M.",
            "role": "author"
            "namepart": "Donaugh, Carl C.",
            "role": "United States District Attorney"
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    "genre": "misc_document",
    "format": "doc",
    "extent": "1 photocopy: 8.50 W x 14 H",
    "contributor": "Japanese American Museum of Oregon; Portland, Oregon",
    "alternate_id": "Koyama066; 2016.23.66; NDD978084",
    "digitize_person": "Rodgers, James",
    "digitize_organization": "Japanese American Museum of Oregon",
    "digitize_date": "7/2/2018",
    "credit": "Courtesy of Dr. Keizaburo Koyama Family Collection, Japanese American Museum of Oregon",
    "rights": "cc",
    "topics": [
            "id": "203",
            "term": "World War II -- Pearl Harbor and aftermath -- Decision to incarcerate"
    "persons": [
        "Koyama, Keizaburo",
        "Akiyama, Tomishichi",
        "U.S. Department of Justice",
        "Sokoku Kai"
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            "term": "Fort Missoula"
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