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    "title": "Photograph and article regarding Tamon Maeda",
    "description": "Article [translation]: \"Information Library Mission. New York office chairman Tamon Maeda talks. An interview with Chairman of the New York office of the International Cultural Promotion Society, Tamon Maeda. The International Cultural Promotion Society New York Office was established in November of last year, and now eleven Japanese and four Americans, a total of fourteen people, are working there. It is located on the thirty-sixth floor of Rockefeller Center, and has a great a view. Mr. Kabayama chose this location. The main task of the New York office is the Information Library, that is to provide objective resources on things related to Japan. For this purpose 6,000 Japanese publications and 4,000 English publications, a total of 10,000 books, in addition to statistical almanacs from the first volume, magazines, pamphlets, etc., are available. This Information Library may not have an immediate effect, but may bring visible effects little by little. Americans who can read Japan refer to the Japanese books. The 10,000 books include a wide range of summary information. When the first German Army invaded Holland ... [cut off].\"",
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