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    "title": "Short article regarding Yosuke Matsuoka's son",
    "description": "Article [translation]: \"Rumors that the son of Matsuoka, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to study abroad. Bright news for Japan-America relationship. (Kuwa Bay) The son of Foreign Affairs Minister Matsuoka, Kenichiro, 27, is leaving for America on the 6th of this month by the ship Tatsuta Maru (or possibly the one after), departing from Yokohama, to study at an American university. This news became an exciting topic of recent Japan-America relations. That is to say, the government of America and the international powers will see that if the new power Japan is really planning to go to war against America, the Minister of Foreign Affairs would not let his son go to America to study and so Japan's intention is truly peaceful.\"",
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