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    "title": "Toraji Onaka seated at a piano",
    "description": "Caption on reverse [translation]: \"(Tokyo) February 11, 1936. The Music Department of the Imperial Court is going to produce Japanese court music which will be played by Western musical instruments. The melody of the Imperial Court music is expected to be popular worldwide. The Music Department of the Imperial Court hired newcomers to organize the wind instrument section of the Imperial Court Music Department last fall. Citizens applied for the contest, which was held by the department to hear music for the Western instruments. The department announced Toraji Onaka as the second prize winner. He received 150 yen. He is an organist and graduated from Doshisha University. He plays in Ren Nan Zaka Church. He was a pupil of Kosaku Yamada. Also, he seriously studied the music of beginners' classics in Germany.\"",
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        "Onaka, Toraji"
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