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    "title": "Newspaper clipping regarding Winston Churchill",
    "description": "Caption on front [translation]: \"Person of the Day: Churchill. It's said that Mr. Churchill, whose name has already been previously mentioned as a pick-me-up for a British cabinet worrying about the European crisis, will soon be entering the government as First Lord of the Admiralty.  He's known for being at the forefront of those who wish to take a hard-line towards Germany along with former Foreign Minister Eden. He's influential in the British political world and also a famous author. Originally a soldier, he entered the army when he was 21 and followed it to various places. When he was a correspondent for The Morning Post at the time of the Boer War, he had the unusual experience of being taken captive and escaped just a month later.\r\n \r\n Listing his cabinet positions in order, he's held the eight positions of President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary, First Lord of the Admiralty, Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for Air, Secretary of State for the Colonies, and Chancellor of the Exchequer. He also served as the head of a university three times. If he becomes First Lord of the Admiralty, it will be his second time. He first gained the position in 1911, as the crisis of the World War approached. He met with the Kaiser in Germany and sought to ameliorate the ship-building competition between the two nations, causing surprise. This effort came to naught, however, and war broke out. After he pushed through the opposition of experts and sought to capture the Dardanelles strait but failed, he was investigated by Parliament and forced to take responsibility. He left the post in 1915 in the wake of the criticism  and entered the army as an officer, fighting on the Franco-German border.\r\n \r\n A hater of both the Soviets and the Germans, he's the recipient of the unfortunate nicknames of 'proselyte' and 'jumper' [?], he's also said to be a skilled self-promoter and able to get by in official circles. He was born in 1874.  [stamped] July 12, 1939.\"",
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    "creation": "July 12, 1939",
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        "Churchill, Winston"
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