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    "title": "Signed note from Helen Keller",
    "description": "Caption on front: \"We differ, blind and seeing, not so much in the number of sense we have as in the way we meet limitations with lifted head and smiling face. Sincerely, Helen Keller.\"\r\n\r\nCaption on reverse [translation]: Helen Keller Finally Comes to Japan - Introducing the 'Talking Book' - (Tokyo) April 2, 1937. Helen Keller, the 'saint of three burdens,' departed San Francisco at noon on the 1st aboard the Yusen Asama Maru headed for Japan with her secretary Polly Thomson and Pastor Komuro Tokuji of the New York Methodist Church and his wife. She will arrive at Yokohama on April 15 and will speak in about 20 cities stretching from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south as well as in Korea and Manchuria until early July. She will introduce the 'talking book' that she has devised and soothe her comrades in other countries suffering from 'physical deficiencies'. Photographs: 1. A message from Helen Keller to Japan that she typed and signed personally [translation of message omitted].\"",
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    "creation": "April 2, 1937",
    "location": "Tokyo, Japan",
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    "contributor": "Hawai'i Times Photo Archives Foundation",
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