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    "title": "Newspaper clipping regarding Ismet Inonu",
    "description": "Caption on front [translation]: \"Person of the Day: Inonu. Turkey has stepped up for an important role in the storm of Germany and Italy's deep resistance against Britain and France. It recently signed a mutual assistance treaty with Britain and is now in agreement with France; it is said that that a treaty with them will soon be signed as well. The position taken by Turkey, which dominates the route from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, is obviously important and the responsibility exercised by President General Ismet Inonu, who shoulders the destiny of Turkey, is accordingly extremely large.\r\n\r\nGeneral Inonu was chosen to be president by the Grand National Assembly following the death of former President Ataturk, called the father of the Turkish Republic, on November 11 of last year. The general had been active from the founding of the country as the former president's right hand man and served twice as prime minister. Although he later retired from public office and lived quietly, he enjoyed the confidence of all the Turkish people as an elder statesman. He may have 'gotten the people's confidence to emerge from difficult ground' [?]\r\n\r\nAlthough the fact that Turkey, which was treated so terribly by Britain and France after the World War, is now clinging to them and helping advance their power, makes it seem as if is being made to dance to their tune, President Inonu has his eyes on the course of history and has sent a military delegation to Britain and is said to be preparing to strengthen the Turkish military. What exactly is going through his mind? Is it the former glory of the Ottoman Empire, or something else? [Stamped] 1939.\"",
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    "contributor": "Hawai'i Times Photo Archives Foundation",
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        "Inonu, Ismet"
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