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    "title": "Nellie Mitani Interview",
    "description": "Nisei female. Born January 31, 1919, in Mesa, Arizona. Grew up in Arizona, where family ran a produce farm. Attended college, and after marrying husband, a Buddhist minister, moved to Bakersfield, California. During World War II, removed to the Poston concentration camp, Arizona. While in Poston, husband was picked up by the FBI and transferred to Crystal City incarceration camp, Texas, so Ms. Mitani moved to join her husband. They were then both transferred to the Gila River concentration camp, Arizona. After the war, eventually returned to California.",
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            "namepart": "Richard Potashin",
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            "namepart": "Kirk Peterson",
            "role": "videographer"
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    "credit": "Courtesy of the Manzanar National Historic Site Collection",
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