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    "title": "Memo from Lt. Hall to John McCloy",
    "description": "Memo from Lt. Hall to John McCloy on possible consequences of evacuating and repatriating Hawaiian Japanese. Namely that they will either come into contact with enemy spies on the mainland or they will go back to Japan with crucial information. Suggests waiting four months before evacuating and repatriating and after that confining them to \"concentration camps.\"  Also discusses legal means of interning American born Hawaiian Japanese - says \"it would be difficult to justify.\" Ends memo with legal and technical questions for McCloy and wants to know future course of action.",
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    "creation": "December 30, 1942",
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            "namepart": "Hall, Lt.",
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    "genre": "misc_document",
    "format": "doc",
    "extent": "2293W x 3101H (pixels)",
    "contributor": "Densho",
    "alternate_id": "UW Libraries microfilm A7378, Reel 1, Box 2, Frames 510-512, Items 554-556 [denshouid: denshopd-i67-00053]",
    "digitize_person": "Asaka, Megan",
    "digitize_organization": "Densho",
    "digitize_date": "6/7/2002",
    "credit": "Courtesy of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians",
    "rights": "pdm",
    "topics": [
            "id": "203",
            "term": "World War II -- Pearl Harbor and aftermath -- Decision to incarcerate"
            "id": "277",
            "term": "Geographic communities -- Hawai'i"
    "persons": [
        "McCloy, John"
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