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    "title": "Hashiguchi and Urakawa Family Collection",
    "description": "The Hashiguchi and Urakawa Family Collection, c. 1908-1977, consists of photographs, periodicals, and commemorative books belonging to the Hashiguchi and Urakawa family. Included are photographs of numerous Japanese-American societies, including the the Seattle Progressive Citizen League, the Tacoma Sectional YPCC, Seattle Domeki Bai, Nikkei Kai, and the JACL conventions in 1930 and 1967. The collection includes numerous items relating to the Seattle Japanese Congregational Church, including group photographs of the congregation at various events, the 44th annual Japanese Congregational Churches convention, and the commemorative books for the 50th and 70th anniversaries of the Japanese Congregational Church in Seattle. The collection also includes the Minidoka High School yearbooks for 1943, 1944, and 1945, as well as The New Japanese American News Yearbook published in 1949 with a postwar directory Japanese Americans living across the United States.",
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