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    "title": "Workers in a cornfield",
    "description": "The Nakashima farm was largely self-sufficient at its peak. Kamezo Nakashima grew corn for the family's consumption as well as for the dairy cows. This image shows workers preparing the cornstalks as feed. The stalks were chopped into small pieces and then placed in the farm silo (behind the tractor). The Nakashima children stomped down the cornstalks so the silo could be packed as tightly as possible. The children wore gunnysack hats to protect their heads from the falling stalks. Days, Washington no longer exists. The site previously known as the Nakashima dairy farm is currently near the town of Arlington in Snohomish County.",
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    "creation": "1930s",
    "contributor": "Densho",
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    "location": "Days, Washington",
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        "Nakashima, Kamezo"
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    "credit": "Courtesy of the J. Egashira Family Collection",
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