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    "title": "Dairy farm",
    "description": "Kamezo and Miye Nakashima were from Saga-ken, Japan. They settled in Days, Washington in the early 1900s. Their 1,300-acre farm was largely self-sustaining and the Nakashimas purchased only dry goods. Produce such as corn, potatoes, lettuce, and fruit were grown on the farm. The property line of the farm extended far beyond the tree line shown in this photo. The couple was forced to sell their property for only $18,000 with the advent of World War II. The extensive acreage and its prime timber were worth far more. After the war, they never returned to farming but relocated to Seattle, where they operated several hotels. In 1997, the Snohomish County Council spent $593,000 in conservation funds to purchase 89 acres from the property's owner with the intention of making the land a trailhead. The remaining structures on the land may someday be used as a park-ranger residence and interpretive center. Days, Washington no longer exists. This site is currently near the town of Arlington in Snohomish County.",
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    "creation": "Early 1900s",
    "contributor": "Densho",
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    "location": "Days, Washington",
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        "Nakashima, Kamezo",
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