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    "title": "Benjamin Gosney Collection",
    "description": "Letter to Benjamin Coleman Gosney from Tomio Itabashi who describes his time at the Pinedale Assembly Center and his move to Tule Lake.  Itabashi was a former co-worker of Gosney's and attended high school with Gosney's daughter.",
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    "extent": "1 letter written to Benjamin Gosney from Tomio Itabashi",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
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    "prefercite": "Courtesy of Nancy Hatfield, Densho",
    "bioghist": "Benjamin Coleman Gosney referred to as B.C. Gosney, \"shorty\" or \"pop\" was born on November 21, 1887 in Grants Lick, Kentucky. He had 13 siblings (11 sisters and 2 brothers). Benjamin married Emily E. Scott in 1915 in Montana. They moved to Auburn, Washington in 1920 and had 6 children. Benjamin died on February 16, 1958 in Auburn, Washington and was buried there. During his life he was the superintendent of the Water Department in Auburn, Washington for 30 years. Tomio Itabashi was born in 1913 in Washington. He lived in Japan for a time and moved back to the United States when he was 14. Tomio graduated Auburn High School in 1935. He was incarcerated in Pinedale and Tule Lake. He moved to Chicago, Illinois and passed on January 11, 1950.",
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