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    "title": "Uchiyama Collection",
    "description": "200 letters written to Kathleen Koga Uchiyama from Alvin Uchiyama while awaiting deployment, and during his military service in Italy in 1944-1945.  Also six letters from Kathleen to Alvin written from Highland Park, Illinois, Heart Mountain camp and after the camp closed from Mt. View California.",
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    "unitdateinclusive": "1944-1945",
    "unitdatebulk": "1944-1945",
    "extent": "Set of 206 handwritten letters.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Donor:  Barbara Uchiyama \r\n370 Lassenpark Cir. \r\nSan Jose, California, 95136\r\n(408) 629-1345\r\[email protected]",
    "processinfo": "Signed release form added to administrative tab under ddr-densho-406-1 (CC 07/20).",
    "rights": "cc",
    "prefercite": "Courtesy of Uchiyama Family, Densho",
    "bioghist": "Alvin Uchiyama was born in Santa Clara California in 1920.  He joined the army prior to Pearl Harbor.  Stationed in Fort Sheridan, Illinois; Camp Barkeley, Texas; and  Camp Beale, California. While waiting for deployment, Alvin married Kathleen Koga.  In August, 1944, Alvin was deployed overseas in Italy where he trained replacements, and briefly served at the end of the war with the 442nd guarding prisoners of war.  In November, 1945, he left Italy and returned to California.  The Uchiyama family relocated to Mt. View, California after the war and Kathleen and her and Alvin's daughter, Yuri Aileen joined them while Alvin was still overseas.  Alvin and Kathleen went on to have four more children.  Alvin died in 1966.",
    "scopecontent": "Letters discuss everyday activities of soldiers deployed in Italy in 1944-1945, difficulties in the process of returning home, questions about life after the war and after returning from incarceration camps.",
    "relatedmaterial": "Oral history of Kathleen Koga Uchiyama Hironaka:   \r\n<a href\"\"></a>",
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