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    "title": "Prichett Family Collection",
    "description": "Photographs, correspondence, and documents including forms, Cecil F. Prichett's resume, and education and family programs at the Manzanar camp from the Prichett family's time employed at Manzanar.  \r\nBooks include \"Death Valley - Its Impounded Americans\" by Ralph P. \"Pete\" Merritt, Jr.; \"English Japanese Conversation Dictionary\" by Arthur Rose-Innes; \"Born Free and Equal\" by Ansel Adams; and the 1945 Manzanar high school yearbook \"Valedictorian.",
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    "unitdateinclusive": "1943-2003",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Anne Roda\r\n1130 N. 82nd St.\r\nApt A\r\nSeattle, WA 98013\r\[email protected]",
    "processinfo": "Epson Expression 12000XL; VueScan 9.6.20\r\nBookdrive; Canon EOS Rebel T3i\r\n\r\nSigned release form attached to object 1 under the administrative tab. MM 5/21",
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    "prefercite": "Courtesy of the Prichett Family Collection, Densho",
    "relatedmaterial": "For more of Ansel Adams' photography of Manzanar, please look at his collection housed at the Library of Congress <a href=\"\"></a>.",
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