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    "title": "Michael Shigeru Yasutake Interview",
    "description": "Michael Yasutake was born on August 4, 1915, in Long Beach, California. He was one of Kumataro and Itsu Yasutake's eight children. His father was a farmer in Gardena, California, and his mother was a housewife. When the war broke out he was already in the army and served with the Military Intelligence Service. His family was sent to Rohwer concentration camp in Arkansas. After the war Michael was stationed in Japan and Shanghai, China, with the United States Civil Intelligence Service. He left the service in 1948 with the rank of Major. Eventually he moved back to California to start a business with George Aratani.\r\n\r\nThis interview is part of the South Bay History Project created by the South Bay Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League.",
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            "term": "World War II -- Military service -- Military Intelligence Service"
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