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    "title": "Harold Takashi Kobata Interview",
    "description": "Harold Takashi Kobata was born on April 5, 1926, in Gardena, California. He grew up in Gardena where his uncle, mother and older brothers ran a flower nursery. The family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, during World War II, where Kobata worked as a gardener while attending high school. After the war the family returned to Gardena and resumed operation of the nursery. Kobata attended Compton Community College and USC where he was graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. Kobata worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power until he retired at the age of 69.\r\n\r\nThis interview is part of the South Bay History Project created by the South Bay Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "credit": "Courtesy of South Bay JACL, Densho",
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            "term": "World War II -- Non-incarcerated Japanese Americans -- \"Voluntary evacuation\""
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