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    "title": "Matsui Family Collection",
    "description": "Three photograph albums covering from 1943-1948. Two albums cover the the service that Takashi Matsui and Mitsue Matsui gave to Military Intelligence Service during World War II. The third album covers Takashi Matsui's military service during the United States's occupation of Japan after World War II.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Kazue Nakahara\r\n7010 Manila Avenue\r\nEl Cerrito CA 94530\r\n(510)-334-6770\r\[email protected]",
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    "prefercite": "Courtesy of Matsui Family Collection, Densho",
    "bioghist": "Takashi Matsui: Kibei male. Born 1917 in Hood River, Oregon. Lived in Seattle, Washington, before being taken to Japan by mother at the age of three. Completed elementary through high school in Japan. Returned to Seattle at seventeen years of age. Continued education in the United States. Drafted in 1942 and was an instructor for the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Also served with U.S. occupation forces in postwar Japan and was a war crimes trial investigator. Resettled in Seattle.\r\n\r\nMitsue Matsui: Nisei female. Born in San Francisco, California. As a young woman, the entire family visited Japan for ten months, where she acquired the skill of Japanese typing at the Kumahira Typist Yoseisho in Hiroshima. Returned to the U.S. with most of her family (eldest brother remained in Japan) and was working at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco when the U.S. entered World War II. Was incarcerated with the family at Tanforan Assembly Center, San Bruno, California and Topaz concentration camp, Utah. After spending a year at Topaz, was able to secure employment as a Japanese typist at the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS), Camp Savage and Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Soon thereafter, was temporarily assigned as secretary to Mr. John F. Aiso and remained in that capacity until Major Aiso received orders to go overseas. Married a MISLS instructor, and went again to Japan postwar during her husband's service in the U.S. occupation forces.",
    "relatedmaterial": "ddr-densho-1000-45 Takashi Matusi Interview 1; ddr-densho-1008-4 Takashi Matsui Interview\r\n\r\nddr-densho-1008-3 Mitsue Mastui Interview",
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