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    "title": "American Concentration Camps VOLUME 7 1943",
    "description": "Volume 7 divides into three sections. Description about this volume reads directly from the book as follows: The first section containing archival documents from 1943 depict the continuing resistance of General De Witt and his subordinates to the \"liberalization\" of policies toward Japanese Americans. This section also contains the White House response to the congressional criticism of the \"too liberal\" relocation program. Section 2 contains the Hearings on War Relocation Centers Parts I and II from January and February 1943 which demonstrate the congressional opposition to the \"liberalized\" relocation program. Section 3 contains the Dossier on General John L. De Witt dated August 22, 1942 to April 29, 1943, which shows General De Witt in deliberate and insubordinate resistance to War Department polices.",
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            "id": "37",
            "term": "Race and racism -- Discrimination"
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        "De Witt, General John L."
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            "term": "North and Central America"
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            "term": "United States"
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