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    "title": "American Concentration Camps VOLUME 1  July, 1940- December 31, 1941",
    "description": "Volume 1 divides into three sections. Description about this volume reads directly from the book as follows: The first section contains archival documents regarding pre-Pearl Harbor materials that deal largely with discussion between the War and the Justice Departments over responsibilities for enemy aliens in case of war and with internal Army documents about construction of accommodations for enemy aliens and interned merchant seamen. The next section of the book pertains to the dates of December 7, 1941 to April 20, 1942 where documents show the ways in which the lives of enemy aliens in general and of Japanese Americans in particular were affected, and how, over time, most of the options of the latter disappeared. The final section pertains to archival documents that demonstrate the growing conflicts between the War Department and the Department of Justice and show the rising concern about internal security in both the government and the nation at large.",
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