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    "title": "Japanese Americans leaving camp by bus",
    "description": "Original WRA caption: Gila River Relocation Center, Rivers, Arizona. Aboard the Greyhound bus, which will take them to their former homes in California, these evacuees are anxious to be off. On September 15, two weeks before the Canal Camp at Rivers, Arizona, was to close, only 635 people remained and 370 of these had bus or train reservations for the following week (the Canal Camp once had more than 5,000 residents). Most of the people are going out by special Greyhound buses. Their property, crated for freight shipment, is picked up at their homes and stored in project warehouses until it is loaded on the heavy trucking vans. Before the relocators leave the Center they secure their travel vouchers and their ration books from the Leave Office and get their special Relocation Grant from the Agent Cashier. Farm machinery, once used in the production of vegetables and melons for Gila and other centers, now is assembled ready to be moved from the Center. All the livestock is gone and buildings and fences are being torn down.",
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    "location": "Gila River concentration camp, Arizona",
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