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    "title": "Nisei soldier with family",
    "description": "Original WRA caption: Former S. Sgt. Henry H Gosho, Mrs. Gosho (seated) and their eighteen month-old daughter Carol Jeanne are shown with a few of the new Yorkers who attended a dinner in his honor on September 12, 1945, at the Toyo Kwan Restaurant in New York City under the auspices of the new York Chapter of the JACL. From left to right the other are: Mrs. Ruth Shinno (kneeling) formerly of Wilmington, California, and the Jerome Relocation Center; and the Misses Toshiko Kako, of Denver and San Francisco; Nellie Mayeda, of the Gila River Relocation Center and Visalia, California; and Louise Takahashi of Central Utah Relocation Center and Los Angeles. Sgt. Gosho was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation, Bronze Star, the Pacific Ribbon with three campaign stars and the Combat Infantryman's Badge during sixteen months service in the Burma-India theater with Army Combat Intelligence of Merrill's Marauders.  A former resident of Seattle, Washington, he relocated to New York City in August 1945 from the Minidoka Relocation Center with his wife and baby daughter Carol Jeanne.",
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