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    "title": "Takeharu Inouye Collection",
    "description": "At the age of thirteen, Takeharu Inouye and his immediate family experienced forced relocation to the Sacramento Assembly Center (Walerga), and were subsequently moved to the Tule Lake concentration camp. They remained at Tule Lake for the duration of WWII due to their \"disloyal\" sentiments. Takeharu recorded his experiences at Tule Lake in three diaries, which describe his struggles with the American and Japanese schools, the difficult farm work, the emotional fallout from the Tule Lake labor strikes, and the limited recreational options available to young Japanese Americans in the camp. He provides details on the movies he watched, the effects of the weather each day, and the tension caused by escalating military presence. \r\n\r\nThis bulk of this collection is composed of Takeharu Inouye's three diaries, dated from 1942-1944. Also included are four items pertaining to Takeharu Inouye's employment during and after WWII: one W.R.A. nametag, one Civil Service Commission Notice of Rating, and two War Department Notifications of Personnel Action. An envelope containing various programs and itineraries for the 1994 Tule Lake Pilgrimage accompanies photographs of Takeharu's trips to Oregon and California with his wife, Setsuko. A clipping of Takeharu Inouye's obituary in an Idaho newspaper provides a conclusion for this collection.",
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