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    "title": "Resource book for the 1976 Lake Sequoia Retreat",
    "description": "Beginning in 1976, Gordon Honda began producing a series of books, chock full of all manner of items to be handed to every camper. They were to be used well  at first  it was a little unclear what they were for. I did the first set of workbooks  I think that was the magic 1976 year  Honda said. I like think of them as 'resource' books. The first set came in two parts. Not sure why  perhaps it was just getting too big so it was split into two. The first resource book did not link the theme or speaker  Honda continued. I just put a lot of interesting things I had read together. Mostly things to get one thinking. I even recall doing some research on the origin of certain cuss words  which I sneaked in. If I recall  I even put a portion of the White house tapes of Nixon in it!\" I recall there was some confusion on how to use the resource book during the week or even if it had anything to do with LSR. I considered not issuing the second volume later in the week, but the committee said to go ahead. The discussion time after the morning talk was an evolving concept. It just depended on who the group leader was. I did recall getting mixed reviews from the first resource books - some campers actually read them cover to cover. I later talked to the head of the Asian American studies at Fresno State several months later and even he got a copy and had read it. The resource book was later taken on by Marice Tatsuno from San Mateo, who made the book artistic and spiritual in appearance. I think it had the appearance of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Honda said. There was a special version of the resource book  for use by the leaders who used it during discussion groups. It was not separated into two as Honda describes  but was one large  99 pager.",
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    "creation": "August  14-21, 1976",
    "location": "Sequoia Lake, California",
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