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    "title": "Kaneji and Sally (Fujii) Domoto Collection",
    "description": "Accessions 1-2: The Kaneji and Sally (Fujii) Domoto collection consists mostly of correspondence to Kaneji Domoto from his wife Sally, and his sisters Wakako and Yuriko. The letters primarily date between 1942 and 1952, when Kaneji was on the East Coast looking for work and his family was held at Amache, and after WWII when his family settled in New York. Before the outbreak of WWII Kaneji Domoto studied architecture and landscape design at UC Berkeley and was a fellow at Taliesin under Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1939, and assisted in the creation of the Japanese Exhibit at the 1939 New York World Fair. Accession 3:  Misc. school photos and funeral photos. Accession 4: Primarily condolence messages and funeral planning for Kenetero Domoto passing in 1943.",
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            "id": "ddr-densho-329",
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    "record_created": "2016-11-04T15:47:19",
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    "status": "completed",
    "public": "1",
    "unitdateinclusive": "1923-1980",
    "unitdatebulk": "1930-1952",
    "extent": "Accessions 1-2: 594 correspondence, forms, notes and photographs; Accession 3: 8 photos; Accession 4: 95 documents, primarily condolence messages and funeral planning for Kenetero Domoto.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Kris Marubayashi\r\n1448 Oregon Lane\r\nSacramento, CA 95822\r\[email protected]\r\n916-505-6467",
    "processinfo": "Epson Expression 10000XL: VueScan 9.5.08. \r\nSigned release form attached to the administrative tab under ddr-densho-329-1 (CC 11/17)-Acc 1 objects 1-520\r\nSigned release form attached to the administrative tab under ddr-densho-329-1 (MM 6/22)-Acc 2 objects 521-594\r\nSigned release form attached to the administrative tab under ddr-densho-329-1 (MM 7/22)-Acc 3 objects 595-602\r\nSigned release form attached to the administrative tab under ddr-densho-329-1 (MM 8/22)-Acc 4 objects 603-697",
    "rights": "cc",
    "prefercite": "Courtesy of the Kaneji and Sally (Fujii) Domoto Collection, Densho",
    "relatedmaterial": "ddr-densho-356 (Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection)\r\nddr-densho-443 (Wakako Domoto Collection)",
    "separatedmaterial": "During the review of Accession 4, also known as Domoto4, the following objects were marked private and relocated to either ddr-densho-356 (Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection) or ddr-densho-443 (Wakako Domoto Collection), as the content of the object better fit with the scope of those collections.\r\n\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-604 to ddr-densho-443-203\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-606 to ddr-densho-356-1066\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-614 to ddr-densho-356-1067\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-617 to ddr-densho-356-1068\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-618 to ddr-densho-443-204\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-619 to ddr-densho-443-205\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-625 to ddr-densho-356-1069\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-626 to ddr-densho-443-206\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-627 to ddr-densho-443-207\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-630 to ddr-densho-443-208\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-631 to ddr-densho-443-209\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-634 to ddr-densho-443-210\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-638 to ddr-densho-443-211\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-642 to ddr-densho-443-212\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-651 to ddr-densho-356-1070\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-686 to ddr-densho-443-213\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-696 to ddr-densho-443-201\r\nrelocated from ddr-densho-329-697 to ddr-densho-443-202",
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