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    "title": "Mae Hara Collection",
    "description": "The Mae Hara Collection is comprised of photographs and documents from the personal family collection of Mae Hara, a Japanese American who was interview by Densho in 2004. The photos depict Mae's prewar life in Seattle, Washington. The documents concern her family's Oyster business pre-war, relocation to Minidoka, and post war life.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Digital collection was acquired through loan of materials from Hara family. \r\nHara Family contact:\r\nRuth Hara\r\n285 Carlene Drive\r\nSparks NV 89436\r\n(775)-741-6474\r\[email protected]",
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    "accessrestrict": "The Collection is open to the public.",
    "prefercite": "Courtesy of Mae Hara Collection",
    "bioghist": "Mae (Kanazawa) Hara was born in Seattle, Washington in 1913 to Kinmatsu and Chiyoko Kanazawa. Hara's young life was spent attending school and the Japanese Methodist Church. She studied music in college for one year at the University of Washington from 1930-1931. She continued her studies in Chicago, Illinois from 1932-1935. After she completed her studies, Hara taught music in Tokyo, Japan from 1935-1939. Upon her return to Seattle, Washington, Hara was married to childhood friend, Iwao Hara, on Ocotober 19, 1939. After her marriage, Hara took up a position as choir director at her church. She was in the middle of a choir rehersal when news of the attack on Pearl Harbor broke. Mae Hara and her husband, Iwao were some of the last Japanese Americans to leave Seattle. Iwao was an accountant who was helping other Japanese Americans settle their business before leaving. The Haras were taken to Minidoka concentration camp in Idaho. Upon arrival, Mae Hara was appointed as the camp's head of music. Her choirs gave concerts both inside and outside of the camp. In March 1943, Iwao and Mae left Minidoka for Chicago, Illinois where Iwao was offered a job with United Fundraising. Mae worked with American Friends Field Service as a social worker in Chicago's Polish district. Not even a few months after moving to Chicago, Iwao was offered a position at an accounting firm in Madison, Wisconsin. Iwao accepted the position and the Haras moved to Madison in the fall of 1943. They were warmly welcomed by the community and decided to stay in Madison after the war. Mae Hara continued her career as a choral director in her new home. In the 1980s when she received reparation letter and check from the government she used the money to donate a new echo organ to her church in memory of her parents. Mae Hara died in 2005.",
    "relatedmaterial": "Mae Kanazawa Hara Visual History   denshovh-hmae-01-0001",
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