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    "title": "Yasui Family Collection",
    "description": "The Yasui Family Collection consists of two photograph albums and 173 additional photographs belonging to Homer Yasui. The photographs document the Yasui family's life in Hood River, Oregon before the outbreak of World War II.",
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            "id": "ddr-densho-259",
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    "record_created": "2013-10-25T16:50:19",
    "record_lastmod": "2022-05-18T15:16:07",
    "status": "completed",
    "public": "1",
    "unitdateinclusive": "c.1900s-1990s",
    "unitdatebulk": "c.1900s-1960s",
    "extent": "Acc. 1: 2 photograph albums with photographic prints, black and white\r\n\r\nAcc. 2: 173 photographs",
    "language": [
    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Acc 1: Acquired in October, 2012\r\nContact and donor:\r\nHomer Yasui via his daughter Barbara Yasui, 3312 E Republican St, Seattle, WA 98112, 206-328-7595\r\n\r\nAcc. 2: Loaned 2017\r\n11448 Rainier Ave S.\r\nApt 337\r\nSeattle, WA 98178\r\n(206) 588-1136",
    "processinfo": "Signed release forms added to administrative tab under ddr-densho-259-1 (CC 10/17)\r\nSigned release form added to administrative tab under ddr-densho-259-1 (MM 08/2020)",
    "rights": "pcc",
    "prefercite": "Courtesy of the Yasui Family Collection",
    "relatedmaterial": "Homer Yasui Interview (ddr-densho-1000-491) <a href=></a>",
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