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    "title": "The Admiral and the Kumanos",
    "description": "(Left to right) Chisato Taniguchi Kumano, Yasamaru Taniguchi, and Takaji Kumano. Caption on Post-it: \"Yasamaru Taniguchi (youngest bro of Gotsuke), Chisato T. Kumano, Takaji Kumano, in USA - invited here after WWII. Poem on reverse - see translation.\" Poem translation by Harry Nomura : \"Feel blessed that we are still alive to see and talk on and on to each other. / Is this a dream? / Went out to spring garden with you (Yasumaru [sic]) to view the Japanese apricot blossoms and scenery. We reminisced our childhood life as an older sister with my younger brother: We both successfully crossed over the mountain.\"",
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    "credit": "Courtesy of the Taniguchi Family",
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            "term": "Japan -- Military"
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