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    "title": "Saul Collection",
    "description": "The Saul collection consists of images and documents related to Japanese American military service during World War II. Topics include: 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 100th Infantry Battalion, Military Intelligence Service, rescue of the Lost Battalion, liberation of Dachau, etc. The content of this collection was brought together from multiple sources both organizational and personal. Donations were received from the National Archives and Records Administration, KD Gedenkstaette, Bob Ikeda, Ted Tsukiyama, Herbert K. Yanamura, Frank Takao, Danny Y. Teruya, Shiroku Yamamoto, Satoru Shikasho, Nobuichi Morris Miyasato, Lillian Yajima, Kenji Ego, Susumu Ito, and Clarence Matsumura.",
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    "status": "completed",
    "public": "1",
    "unitdateinclusive": "1942-1992",
    "unitdatebulk": "c.1942-1946",
    "extent": "497 black and white photographic prints and documents.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "physloc": "All content resides with original donors.",
    "acqinfo": "Contact and donor:\r\nEric Saul, Pacific Framing 1640 Union St San Francisco, CA 94123, 415-673-7263, [email protected]",
    "processinfo": "Signed release forms added to ddr-densho-22-1 administrative tab (CC 1/19).",
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    "prefercite": "Courtesy of the Saul Collection",
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