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    "title": "Assembly center new arrivals",
    "description": "Original WRA caption: Stockton, California. Arrival at Assembly center at 12:45 pm. This assembly center has been open for one week. This group was evacuated from their homes in the Lodi district (grape area) this morning. Their identification numbers and family groups are checked by officials as they get off the bus. They are then directed to the place where their baggage is checked for contraband. After which they are medically examined and then proceed to their assigned place in the barracks. Eight bus loads will arrive at this center today. More than 70,000 citizens and aliens of Japanese ancestry have by this date been removed to assembly centers or in reception centers. These evacuees have need for very little household equipment in this new life, but many are seen bringing in new brooms.",
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    "location": "Stockton Assembly Center, California",
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