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    "title": "Japanese Language Class students",
    "description": "These students are dressed up for a presentation at North Seattle's Japanese Language Class. This class was the first organized activity for children of the early North Seattle Issei immigrants. Classes were first given at a private residence and then moved to the Community Hall, located at North 100th and Corliss Avenue. Back row (L to R): Takako Kumagai, Kimi Taguchi, Ko Suzuki, May Kumasaka. Middle row (L to R): Kay Suzuki. Front row (L to R): Tadashi Kumagai, Mac Sasaki, Nobi Sasaki, Chimiko Nakawatase, Mrs. Kumagai.",
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            "term": "Education -- Japanese language schools"
            "id": "293",
            "term": "Geographic communities -- Washington -- Seattle"
    "persons": [
        "Kumagai, Takako",
        "Taguchi, Kimi",
        "Suzuki, Ko",
        "Kumasaka, May",
        "Suzuki, Kay",
        "Kumagai, Tadashi",
        "Sasaki, Mac",
        "Sasaki, Nobi",
        "Nakawatase, Chimiko"
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