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    "title": "Minidoka Irrigator Vol. III No. 22 (July 24, 1943)",
    "description": "Selected article titles: \"WRA Says Hunt Cannot be Used to House Prisoners\" (p. 1), \"Governor Requests Use of Hunt for War Prisoners\" (p. 1), \"Illinois Town Welcomes First Japanese Family\" (p. 1), \"WRA Picks Tule Lake As Segregation Center. Segregation Procedures Announced\" (p. 1), \"Army Calls Seven More Volunteers\" (p. 1), \"Senate Committee Recommends Nisei Subject to Draft\" (p. 1), \"Representatives Chosen to Mull Segregation Deal\" (p. 1), \"Project Officials Meet in Denver to Plan Segregation\" (p. 1), \"New Gate Regulations\" (p. 1), \"Ex-Ambassador Draws Comparison of Axis Partners -- Germany, Japan\" (p. 2), \"Economy Meal Plan Set by OPA\" (p. 2), \"Evacuees Warned Not to Violate Rules\" (p. 2), \"Evacuee Property Transferred to Gov. Warehouse\" (p. 3), \"Aliens, Citizens Need Permits For Traveling\" (p. 3), \"Fowl, Hog Population Hits New High; Self-Subsistence Seen in Future\" (p. 3), \"ACLU Praises WRA; Condemns Dies Committee\" (p. 3).",
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    "creation": "July 24, 1943",
    "location": "Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho",
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