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    "title": "Nisei soldiers in jeep",
    "description": "Original caption: A group of five Hawaiian-American soldiers of the 100th Inf. Bn., 442nd Inf. Regt., 34th Div., move up in the battle for Leghorn in a captured German jeep. American born Japanese composing the 442nd Inf. Regt., have established an outstanding record with the international Fifth Army - educated in West Coast schools, and numbering skilled technicians and professionals, it is a self-dependent unit highly respected by fighting men on the Italian front. Castrellina Sector, Italy, July 12, 1944. [The correct spelling of the location is Castellina.]",
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    "creation": "July 12, 1944",
    "location": "Castellina Sector, Italy",
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    "credit": "Courtesy of the Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee and the U.S. Army",
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            "term": "World War II -- Military service -- 442nd Regimental Combat Team"
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            "term": "World War II -- Military service -- 100th Infantry Battalion"
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