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    "title": "Norman I. Hirose Interview",
    "description": "Nisei male. Born June 22, 1926, in Oakland, California. Grew up in Oakland and Berkeley, California. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, removed with family to the Tanforan Assembly Center, California, and Topaz concentration camp, Utah. Signed \"no-no\" on the so-called \"loyalty questionnaire\" in 1943 because of mother's wish to have the family move to Japan. Due to father's health, the family did not go to Japan, but Mr. Hirose was one of very few nisei to be sent to the Santa Fe Department of Justice internment camp in New Mexico. After being released from Santa Fe, was drafted and served in the U.S. Army in Germany. Moved to Japan in 1950, where he taught at U.S. army schools. Married and raised a son in Japan, living there for thirty-seven years before returning to live in Berkeley, California.",
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    "location": "Emeryville, California",
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            "namepart": "Tom Ikeda",
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            "namepart": "Dana Hoshide",
            "role": "videographer"
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    "contributor": "Topaz Museum Collection",
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