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    "title": "Rudy Tokiwa Interview II",
    "description": "Nisei male. Born July 7, 1925, near San Jose. Grew up in Salinas, California, until he went to Japan at the age of thirteen. Studied in Japan until about 1939. Incarcerated at the Salinas Assembly Center, California, and Poston concentration camp, Arizona. Volunteered out of camp to serve in the U.S. military. Fought in Europe as a battalion runner for the all-Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Single-handedly captured a group of German officers, fought in the famous \"Battle of the Lost Battalion,\" and was present at the liberation of Bruyeres. Was recruited to lobby Congress for passage of the 1988 Civil Liberties Act as a representative for Nikkei veterans, and proved invaluable in garnering support among particularly resistant members of Congress.<p>(This interview was conducted at the 1998 Americans of Japanese Ancestry Veterans National Convention, held in Honolulu, Hawaii.)",
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    "creation": "July 2 - 3, 1998",
    "location": "Honolulu, Hawaii",
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            "namepart": "Matt Emery/Larry Hashima",
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