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    "title": "Nobu Suzuki Interview II",
    "description": "Nisei female. Born November 25, 1909, in Seattle, Washington. Father established one of the largest oyster companies in the United States prior to World War II. Graduated from Garfield High School, the University of Washington, and then the Pacific School of Religion where she earned a master's degree in religious education. At the outbreak of WWII, assisted Nikkei who lost their jobs and worked with the WRA to help those families trying to relocate inland before the mass removal. Incarcerated at the Puyallup Assembly Center and Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho, with husband who served as one of the camp's physicians. While incarcerated, worked on the student relocation and job leave programs. Maintained an active involvement in the Young Christian Women's Association throughout the war, and postwar. Resettled first in Spokane, than later in Seattle. After the war, became active in a myriad of organizations, including, the national PTA, American Association of University Women, League of Women's Voters, and King County Medical Society's women's organization.<p>(References are made to several of Nobu Suzuki's personal papers, which are currently available for public perusal at the University of Washington's Manuscripts and University Archives.)",
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