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    "title": "Floyd Schmoe Interview I",
    "description": "White male. Born September 21, 1895. Sixth generation Quaker and an internationally recognized pacifist and peace activist. He was a forest ecologist, marine biologist, college professor, and leader of many volunteer service groups. During World War II, he was a leader in persuading colleges outside of the evacuation zone to accept Japanese American students, and in many other ways served the Japanese American community during their incarceration, and as they restarted their lives following the war. At the end of the war, he turned his attention to Japan and worked on recovery efforts there by building homes in Hiroshima. At the age of ninety-five he created the Seattle Peace Park, planning, bulldozing and planting the park in memorial to lives lost in the bombing of Japan, and as a testimony to peace.<p>(In this interview Mr. Schmoe refers to Aki Kurose, a former employee, fellow Quaker, peace activist, and long-time friend.  At the time of this interview, Ms. Kurose had recently passed away after a long struggle with cancer.)",
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