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    "title": "Kazuko Uno Bill Interview II",
    "description": "Nisei female. Born June 5, 1921, in Seattle, Washington. Raised in South Park, Washington where family operated a small produce farm. Attended Cleveland High School and the University of Washington. Was in senior year of college on December 7, 1941. Father picked up by FBI following the bombing of Pearl Harbor and sent to Missoula internment camp, Montana. Family removed to Pinedale Assembly Center and Tule Lake concentration camp, California. Worked as lab technician in Tule Lake hospital. Left camp to attend Women's Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Did residency in tuberculosis hospital in Detroit, Michigan, specializing in radiology. Practiced in Michigan, Tennessee, Washington and California before retiring in 1991.",
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    "creation": "June 11, 2008",
    "location": "Seattle, Washington",
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            "namepart": "Kazuko Uno Bill",
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            "role": "narrator"
            "namepart": "Megan Asaka",
            "role": "interviewer"
            "namepart": "Dana Hoshide",
            "role": "videographer"
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    "extent": "01:06:43",
    "contributor": "Densho",
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    "digitize_person": "Dana Hoshide",
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    "credit": "Courtesy of Densho",
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