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    "title": "Roy H. Matsumoto Interview",
    "description": "Nisei male. Born May 1, 1913, in Laguna, California. Lived in Japan from childhood through teenage years, before returning to the United States during high school. Incarcerated in the Santa Anita Assembly Center, California, and the Jerome concentration camp, Arkansas. Volunteered for the U.S. army in 1942, and was inducted in the Military Intelligence Service. Selected for a dangerous mission in Burma, becoming one of the famed Merrill's Marauders. Provided crucial intelligence information for the U.S. government after tapping into a Japanese army communications wire in Burma. Instrumental in a mission to hold Nhpum Ga hill in Burma, in which he shouted military orders in Japanese to confuse the attacking Japanese soldiers. Awarded the Legion of Merit from the U.S. military, and stationed in China and Japan after the war. Met future wife while working undercover in Japan. Inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame in 1993.<p>(Although Mr. Matsumoto does not identify himself as a Kibei (American-born person of Japanese ancestry sent to Japan for formal education and socialization when young and later returned to the U.S.), some of his life experiences are similar to those who do identify themselves as such.)",
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