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    "title": "Marian Asao Kurosu Interview",
    "description": "Issei female. Born March 10, 1907, in Fukui prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Jinai Girls School. After grandfather's death, came to Seattle, Washington in 1924 to join father and uncle, working in family-run agricultural greenhouse. Arranged marriage to Mr. Roy Naoe Kurosu, an Issei working in Tacoma sawmills. Started new greenhouse in Sunnydale, Washington until all people of Japanese ancestry were removed from the West Coast in 1942. Returned to work in Sunnydale greenhouse until retirement at age 74. In 1954, gained U.S. citizenship along with husband, adopting first name \"Marian.\" Mother of seven children, including a son born while at Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming. At the time of the interview, Mrs. Kurosu resided at her home in Seattle, Washington.<p>(During this interview, Mrs. Kurosu alternately speaks in both English and Japanese. As a result, the English translation of the transcript contains [Jpn.] and [Eng.], which indicate whether the original dialogue was spoken in Japanese or English.)",
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    "creation": "June 23 & 24, 2000",
    "location": "Seattle, Washington",
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            "namepart": "Alice Ito",
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            "namepart": "John Pai",
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