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    "title": "Take Murayama Interview",
    "description": "Issei female. Born 1895 in Nagano, Japan. Married Mr. Kazuyoshi Murayama, an Issei who returned to Japan temporarily for an arranged marriage. Immigrated to the U.S. in August of 1916. Worked for a wealthy family in North Dakota, then settled in Seattle. Went back to Japan in 1924, but returned to Seattle in 1925. Owned a grocery store with her husband outside of Seattle's Nihonmachi. Went back to Japan in 1934. Returned to Seattle once again in 1983 to join her daughter and has lived in Seattle since then. Received U.S. citizenship at age 102. At the time of the interview, Mrs. Murayama resided at Keiro Nursing Home.<p>(This interview was conducted in Japanese. It was translated so as to convey Mrs. Murayama's way of speaking as closely as possible. For example, there are instances in which she makes grammatical errors. These mistakes are conveyed through similar grammatical errors in English in order to recreate Mrs. Murayama's manner of speaking.)",
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    "creation": "March 13, 1998",
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